Have you ever dreamt of travelling for just an hour and be in a different country and that too without any air travel? If not, then read out the below story to know about such dreamy Island.

The place is Bintan Island in Indonesia.  

Another reason we chose Bintan Island along with Singapore for our honeymoon was the beaches, as Singapore doesn’t have any beaches despite being surrounded by water. We were all set for a relaxing beach stay. And I must say, Bintan did not disappoint us!

How to reach Bintan?

Bintan Island is a very short ferry ride away from Singapore. So, Bintan Island can very well be a great place to go for a quick getaway.

We had a prior booking of a taxi for reaching out to Singapore’s TMFT (Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal)  from our hotel.

BRF i.e., Bintan Resorts Ferries, provides a smooth speedboat ferry service between Singapore's TMFT  and BBT (Bandar Bentan Telani) Ferry Terminal in the Bintan Resorts area. 

You should keep in mind to check-in at least 1.5 hours before the ferry departure time. Large suitcases will need to be checked in, and yes, you will need to go through immigration before boarding your ferry. The process is quite simple; the ferry ride is comfortable with soft seats. The ferry journey takes around 60 minutes to reach Bintan Island!

Once you arrive at Bintan, you will need to go through immigration before hopping for a transfer to your resort/hotel. Most resorts/hotels offer free pick up and drop off to the Bintan Resorts Ferry Terminal. So make sure to check with them first before you check out the extra dollars to arrange your transfer.

For your information, Ferry tickets can be booked online at www.brf.com.sg.

Best time to visit Bintan 

Although Bintan Island, Indonesia, is a year-round destination. But in the spring season from March through May, Bintan Island tourism thrives more. 

Bintan sees a decreased number of tourists in the hot summers, especially a fall from June to November, in which one can get accommodations at bargained prices. 

December to February again, Bintan sees a lot of tourists as the Island weather is quite pleasant, and the observed temperature lies between 29°C to 31°C. Luckily, we had visited Bintan in May!

Where to stay in Bintan?

We stayed at Angsana Bintan Resort, which I highly recommend if you’re visiting Bintan as a couple or a family. Another best resort in Bintan, which I discovered later, is Nirwana resort hotel. From a large delicious breakfast buffet to relaxing spas, city tour guidance, private beach views to ample space resort, Angsana has it all. 

Apart from these, Angsana also provides activities like tree-trekking, bird watching, and other things, all available at their recreation centre.

The awesome view from the balcony of our Angsana Bintan room

Angsana Resort Inside View

How to Get Around in Bintan?

Car and Taxi rentals are readily available at Ferry Terminals and also at your stay Resorts. We always prefer to use taxis and car rentals recommended by the hotel/resort for convenience and trust. Scooters are also available on rent to explore beaches around the Island. 

Buses also serve well to the tourists as another mode of transportation. Most of the resorts are usually equipped with shuttle buses to take the guests around the areas surrounding the resorts. 

Activities to do in Bintan

There are a lot of activities to do in Bintan. 

Water Activities in Bintan

You can go snorkeling in the clear blue waters and do some kayaking around the borders of the Island, or take a walk and relax around the beach.

Relaxing on the beach!

Adventure Activities in Bintan

For exploring something adventurous kind, Mangrove Discovery Tour is highly recommended to do in Bintan. In this tour, you will get amused by the local wildlife, and of course, enjoy the calmness of nature. 

And for night time jungle safari lovers, one can go for the night tour to witness the starry sky along with the serenity of a jungle river at night time.

Golfing Experience in Bintan

For discovering the memorable golfing experience, there are beautiful lush green landscapes named Bintan golf courses at Bintan Lagoon Resort. The Bintan Lagoon Resort offers different vacation packages for the golfing experience along with the exotic stay. 

Go for a Cycle Ride

We had enjoyed our bicycle ride near Angsana, to observe the beauty from near and exploring the midway local beauty. (Cycles were available in the Angsana resort itself).  

Shopping in Bintan

There are some shopping options available for carrying memories of Bintan with you. We went to Lagoi Bay, a kind of mini-mall had some shops. The shops were offering things that were capturing Bintan’s local culture.  

We did some shopping from the shops available in Angsana resort itself. Moreover, I always take something from any place I visit to keep it as a loving memory of the place. 

An extraordinary Sunset on the sea

I would highly recommend experiencing the most majestic and calm sunset once in a lifetime at Calypso Floating Bar at Nirwana Gardens Bintan. For sure, it becomes a favorite memory spot for anyone visiting Bintan. It is located right beside The Kelong Seafood Restaurant

The Kelong Seafood Restaurant offers a variety of seafood, vegetarian snacks, and drinks. The Calypso Floating Bar is a Caribbean-style bar offering shakes, cocktails and mocktails, soothing music all while being in the middle of the ocean.   

It feels like a super blissful life witnessing the most memorable sunset with cool breezy winds blowing around and mouth-watering dishes served on your table. What else one could ask after this?

A Special memory from Bintan

While we were hanging around and enjoying every bit of our stay, it was time to have some food. As being on the tropical side, Bintan also has more seafood options than vegetarian ones. And being a pure vegetarian, we were wandering around for having some vegetarian meal for dinner. 

We asked 2-3 people about the good dinner place, and they recommended us to visit Banyan Tree Bintan. So here we rushed to search for Banyan Tree. And here we were at the place in some minutes.

As expected, we were served the best that they had in a vegetarian meal along with shakes. It was a delight full dinner for us. There was something unique and special memory linked with this dinner. 

The lady who served the food asked for a picture of both of us, and we happily said yes to click. And after some minutes, when we were about to leave, she comes with something unexpected, and one of the best memory we carried with us. Guess What! It was a quick hard copy of our picture. Isn’t it the sweetest gesture and hospitality received from someone? Yes, it is! You can see our happiness in the below pictures. 

One thing to note here is that the currency of Bintan is IDR i.e. Indonesian Rupiah. And all hotels/resorts accept Singapore dollars, USD, Master and Visa cards, etc. There is an interesting incident every Indian can experience in Bintan. As one IDR equals to 0.0046 INR (Approx.). So, it means if you get a lunch/dinner or shopping bill of around IDR 10,00,000, then don’t get shocked. It will just cost you INR 4570. 

And definitely, one can take a feel of having a grand billed dinner here, LMAO!

Sweet Ending Note

I feel there is a lot that I have already shared in this post and tried my best to give a clear picture of the tropical heaven Bintan to you.  And yes, it will serve well for all those looking for a beach location, living in Singapore to relax for a weekend getaway or a short holiday. 

I hope our journey about Bintan Island proves to be helpful for everyone who is reading the post. We also thanked our friend, who had suggested us to include Bintan along with Singapore, and we feel it was worth it. And yes, we would love to hear your Bintan experience as well. 

Please leave your story and feedback below, as it will be helpful for my readers to read through your story as well. 

Have a lovely Trip- Au Revoir!