Welcome to Shilpi Diaries.

Hi. I’m Shilpi Gupta.


I’m a teacher, a writer, a learner, a traveller, a foodie, a photography lover, a storyteller, and an Indian by birth. I’m an Engineering post-graduate in terms of qualifications. I’m settled in I.T. hub of North India, i.e. Gurgaon. And, I’m also serving as an I.T. professional in Gurgaon only.


But apart from that, I possess a few interesting hobbies and unique habits. Some of these include content writing, sharing own thoughts, knowledge, feelings, travel experiences with a lot of pictures of the beautiful destinations that I have travelled around so far, etc. 


Since so many years, I have been following and getting amused by reading a lot of unique stories of different bloggers sharing their diverse life experiences. Those blogger stories inspired me to share my own stories in my way through Shilpi Diaries.  


In Shilpi Diaries, I will share my travelling experiences, knowledge, learning experiences and everything that will come along the way.  


As I’m a travel lover, luckily, I have travelled a few most visited countries in Europe, Asia, and wonderful lands of India. I must say, travel journeys have been amazing so far.  


Through Shilpi DiariesI wish my shared knowledge serve as helpful for my readers in some ways, be it planning for their next trip or anything else.

My dreamy wish is to do things that are challenging and let me explore my own potential, make my dear parents proud, and to experience new things that make me feel alive.

How to Get in Touch

The best way to get in touch with me is by either sharing your feedback/comments on my blogs or by sending a direct e-mail at [email protected]  I make sure to reply to every e-mail I feel is important.

Thanks for hearing my story and stopping by!

Au Revoir!

Shilpi <3