The kind of sudden unkind lockdown situation that everyone is currently dealing within the whole world is unexplained and unfortunate. The situation resulted in bringing numerous business challenges because of the discontinuation of frequent inflow/outflow. 

But the lockdown period may prove to be a boon and bring wonderful opportunities for some startups. 

Who knows a single idea can do wonder?

In this pandemic situation, we all stuck at home sometimes wish to have mobile apps that could prove to be helpful for us. I also observed from my own needs and by looking at people’s demands of having such needful apps, especially in a lockdown situation.

In this blog, I have listed down some of the most useful and on-demand apps that would serve well to maintain the human wellbeing. Let’s have a quick look at such demanding mobile apps ideas.

Finding Remote Work Job

The lockdown situation is sudden and unexpected. Currently, some people are efficiently working from home for their companies in this situation. But there are others who lost their jobs or are searching for a new one during this time.  

People have started to understand the enormous advantages of working remotely. So, it would be an excellent use for job seekers if there is some mobile app that serves as the channel to reach job seekers to actively hiring companies. 

Remote Job Search App

Telemedicine/Doctor Consultation

As health comes first before everything, so, there should be some easy and convenient way to schedule a virtual consultation to the doctor for the health check-up.  And after the check-up, there should be availabilities of delivering the medicine to their set locations in the mobile app. We can add the functionality of tracking the live location of the medicine order, appointment scheduling, etc.

Online Doctor Consultation App

Symptoms Tracker

As the current lockdown is due to Corona spread in the world and there are specific symptoms of it. Now even someone sneeze, we doubt like he/she may be a Corona patient.  I strongly feel that there should be some app that can work as a sensor of Corona patients. And such a mobile app should be free and provide the functionality of checking our health condition. 

Health Tracker App

Get Fit from Home Only

Although fitness should be the priority to everyone, only a few take out some time for it. So, many workout enthusiasts miss going into the gyms or attending Yoga, Zumba classes/sessions. 

It is a chance to bring fitness coaches to their homes. Such mobile apps should be developed and folks can attend the live classes each time they need and check with their coaches regarding any queries they have.

The coach can guarantee the audiences a specific part of the duties belongs to a kind of charity, or else you would be assisting destitute individuals with it.

Fitness App

Grocery Shopping App

For surviving in the lockdown and getting stuck at home only, one can’t go out to shop and buy the stuff they wish to buy. As a result of limited movement, individuals are confronting the unavailability of grocery items or finding it hard to start looking for certain things in various stores. 

The mobile app might help them purchase the required grocery items in the comfort of their houses and receive it delivered inside precisely the exact same moment.

The app can also provide the functionality to the users to explore different grocery shops around town, place orders, and also find the things delivered on precisely the same day.

Online Grocery Shopping App

Kids Entertainment App

The kids bring life at home. But in the lockdown situation, these little ones feel really bored. The parents are always wondering what to do to get them engaged. 

So, it would be awesome to develop such an app for kids. 

The app should provide games for kids and some mind gaming activities also. Moreover, there can be an option to select the kid’s age, and then the app should show the type of game according to the kid’s age. 

Kids Entertainment App

Foreign-Language Learning App

Learning a different language other than your native language always is useful to know about different cultures of the other countries. It surely proves helpful while visiting that country. 

Although we can find a lot of programs that offer such kind of foreign-language training, such platforms charge a lot way higher and not affordable to everyone.  So developing such a kind of app will prove to be useful for such foreign-language enthusiasts. 

The app may include pre-recorded video lectures of the trainer based on different foreign languages such as Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Norwegian, etc.

Foreign Language Learning App

Online Learning Classes

In the lockdown situation, students are spending their significant time online in search of the required study material for their concerned subjects or something for making their college or school projects. 

It would be a plus if the students can get the required training through a live session from the trainer. Also, the training areas can be the trending one such as Digital Marketing, Internet of Things, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc. 

Online Learning Classes

Online Skill Gaming  

Games are not only liked by kids even by adults also. And there are some famous games such as Poker, Rummy, etc. which can be played online with great interest. 

Apart from all the above mentioned mobile apps (Android, iOS), there can be other useful mobile apps such as Cooking Assistant app, DIY and Home Improvement, Pet Care Apps, Meditation Apps, etc. 

Online Gaming App

I hope the above mobile app ideas prove best to be implemented by the startups.  

Best of luck with your new venture!